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Natural Products that Improve Mood and Promote a Positive Outlook!

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    5-HTP 100mg Timed Release 45 Tablets by Natrol
    €23.73 €19.37 5-HTP 100mg Timed Release 45 Capsules by Natrol
    5-HTP is Nature's Relaxing Mood Enhancer and Appetite Suppressant: Raise Your Serotonin Levels! 5-HTP promotes self-assurance and can give your emotions stability and balance. It gives you the ability to think...

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    Ginkgo Biloba 120mg 60 Capsules by Natrol
    €22.33 €14.54 Choose Options Ginkgo Biloba 120mg 60 Caps by Natrol
    Enhanced Brain Function, Increased Circulation & Possible Prevention of Alzheimer's! Overview:Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) is believed to be the oldest living species at about 200 million years old. It has been used...

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    SOMNIDRYNE® Melatonin and 5-HTP Blend by Eric Favre
    €19.95 €9.70 SOMNIDRYNE® Melatonin and 5-HTP Blend by Eric Favre
    SOMNIDRYNE® - The Powerful Sleep-Promoting Blend! SOMNIDRYNE® is for anyone suffering from sleep dysfunction. This breakthrough formula commonly brings a full resolution to insomnia within just...