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Ultimate B-Complex 90 Tablets by Vitasunn

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Powerful, High-Potency Combination of B Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs!banner-autoship2.jpg


• Free Of All Common Allergens • Vegetarian • High Potency •


B-complex vitamins are coenzymes involved in energy production. They are an important factor in the process of the conversion of carbohydrates to glucose and are also involved in the metabolism of fats and proteins. B vitamins may be helpful in relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety.

 It is particularly important for elderly people to get adequate intake of the B vitamins due to the fact that absorption of these nutrients decrease with age.

B vitamins are essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system and help people that suffer from stress and fatigue by providing relaxation and energy. The B vitamins should be taken together, although they may be taken individually for certain disorders. All the B vitamins are water soluble, any excess will be eliminated in the urine; therefore they should be supplemented on a daily basis.

This formula is a high potency B-complex formula that provides high doses of the B complex vitamins. In addition there are added minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and chromium that provide additional support to combat the effects of stress, fatigue and anxiety. Moreover, this formula contains the herbs passionflower, skullcap and valerian that are known to reduce stress and anxiety. Stress can negatively impact a person’s health in countless ways. Symptoms of stress include irritability and emotional depression to a whole variety of seemingly unrelated physical symptoms.

Modern day life has become increasingly more stressful, and some individuals are in chronic stress mode. This product is an excellent option for individuals that lead stressful lives and are looking for a formula that will provide extra nutrients that will help counteract the negative effects of stress and fatigue.

The combination of B-vitamins, minerals and herbs found in this formula will increase a body's resistance to stress by relieving tension and provide support to the adrenal glands and immune system.


Passionflower (passiflora incarnata) is a native of North America but is also cultivated in cooler climates. It is a woody, hairy, climbing vine whose stems climb by means of auxiliary tendrils. The alternate, serrate leaves are palmately three- to five-lobed.

Solitary, white flowers with a purple, blue or pink crown bloom from May to July. The fruit is an edible, many-seeded berry (maypop) almost as large as a chicken egg. Several possible medical benefits make this common plant useful as a sedative, antispasmodic and mild pain reliever.


  • Studied for potential ability to decrease anxiety and prolong sleeping time
  • May decrease pain in some instances and reduce muscle spasms
  • May enhance the effectiveness of other sedatives


Skullcap (Scuttellaria lateriflora) is native to North America, it is called skullcap because the inverted calyx cup looks like a helmet with the visor raised and it also looks somewhat like a skull. Historically, it was used in pagan ceremonies where a cup of Skullcap was passed around for couples that wanted to make vows that would extend beyond this lifetime. It was also used to relieve pain, particularly pain associated with nervous conditions. The Native Americans used it as a female medicinal herb. Skullcap has been used for over two hundred years as a mild relaxant that affects the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Today Skullcap is used as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, slightly astringent, nervine, and as a sedative.

Although little research has been conducted on Skullcap, some scientific studies are concluding that it may assist in the treatment of mental disorders. Some valuable constituents include lignan, tannin, essential oil, flavonoids (scutellarin), scutellonin, bitter (scutellaine) palmitic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, phenols, tannin, calcium, and B vitamins.


  • May be useful in treatment of nervous conditions
  • Used to help promote restful sleep
  • May be beneficial for PMS-related symptoms
  • May lessen anxiety


Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a perennial plant native to North America and Europe, it has pinkish colored flowers that grow from a tuberous root or rhizome. Harvested when the plant is two years old, the root contains a number of important compounds including valepotriates, valerenic acid, and other volatile oils. Valerian has long been used as an agent to soothe the nervous system in response to stress and as an inducer of restful sleep. Although other agents have been introduced in recent years which offer similar benefits, valerian is still one of the most popular herbal preparations on the market. It is important to note that Valerian has a strong odor, so much so that new customers may think they have a ‘bad batch’. The ‘disagreeable’ odor is completely normal and should be expected.


  • Studied for its sedative effects
  • May mildly sedate the central nervous system
  • Improves sleep quality without the side effects commonly associated with conventional sleep aids
  • Can be useful for relaxing the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal system
  • Studies indicate that valerian may be involved in modulating brain activity
  • Used in treatment for anxiety disorders and conditions worsened by stress

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, imply cure or prevention of any disease

If you are pregnant or lactating, you should consult your health care practitioner before using this product.
Passionflower may increase the effects of alcohol.
Passionflower may cause drowsiness. Use caution when driving and performing tasks that require alertness.
Overdosage of Skullcap may cause giddiness, stupor, mental confusion or seizures
Skullcap may cause drowsiness. Use caution when driving and performing tasks that require alertness.
If you are taking valerian to enhance sleep, practitioners recommend reducing your dosage if morning sleepiness occurs.
Valerian may cause drowsiness. Use caution when driving and performing tasks that require alertness.
Valerian may increase the effects of alcohol.

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Product Reviews

  1. Contains worthwhile amounts of B-vitamins 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9 Oct 2014

    Ordinary multivitamins or B-complexes sold in typical stores contain appallingly low amounts of the different B-vitamins. This is why I buy these from Vitasunn as they are affordable, but contain high amounts of each B-vitamin. As B-vitamins are water-soluble, any excess is easily excreted. Enjoy the luminous yellow wee after taking these. :)

    The pills are easy to swallow, but beware the typical vitamin-B burp. I've had much worse in the past, and this one is very gentle. I make sure to take them with/immmediately after my meals.

    Please research the huge benefits of meeting our bodies' requirements of B-vitamins. A lack or deficiency in these vitamins leads to all sorts of problems with our moods and physical health. They're vital for fertility, and will ease painful periods/painful menstruation.

    Please research the serious diseases that result from vitamin deficiencies. Remember scurvy? Sailors used to be massively fatigued, their gums drooped over their teeth, painful limbs and so on. They lacked vitamin C. In the USA, during the Great Depression, people lacked niacin (B3) due to eating processed/refined grains, and eating poorly due to poverty. They suffered from pellagra, which is very similar to schizophrenia. Dr Abram Hoffer treated people with B-vitamins and also with niacin (B3) and cured most of his patients. Barbara Stitt, a former probation officer also found that by changing the diet of prisoners, their anxieties, level of violence and such were reduced greatly.

    Please bear in mind that our B-vitamins work as a team, they work TOGETHER. Do not take only one B-vitamin alone, because elevating levels of only one of them will cause a deficiency inn all the others. It is best to take all of them in one supplement. This is why I buy the vitamin B50 complex from Vitasunn.

    Vitasunn provide excellent service. Sometimes it takes a while for delivery owning to the postal service, but, Vitasunn has never let me down. :-)

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