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"Your Satistfaction Is Our Top Priority" 

You Can Trust VITASUNN Supplements & Service

Vitasunn Nutritionals is committed to providing customers the highestprivate-label.jpg
quality Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements possible.

You can purchase with confidence that you are receiving the very best in the nutritionals industry.

Where are the products Manufactured?The Vitasunn brand of supplements is manufactured in a facility that is climate and humidity controlled, and includes source capture, dust collection and ambient air quality systems. There is also continuous monitoring and validation of water quality.
These advanced facilities have permitted our manufacturer to implement a range of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and testing requirements to track materials and orders throughout the system.

Vitasunn Management frequently visits the facility to personally ensure they meet specific quality standards for operations and materials.

How are Vitasunn Nutritionals are made?
When a raw material arrives at the facility, it is quarantined. Samples are taken from every product batch that arrives; those samples are tested for full identification and compared with the pre-order sample. After release from the quarantine, the product is moved to inventory until it is compiled with the additional ingredients on a pallet to make a specific product. Each ingredient on the pallet is weighed and then crosschecked to ensure accuracy from the onset. Completed pallets are sent into staging for whatever preparatory steps are needed to combine ingredients before processing.

Wet granulation, blending and mixing are all conducted in-house in complete clean room environments. In fact, all clean rooms have windows between rooms to facilitate communication without contamination, with walls and floors that are sealed to permit complete wash down between product batches. Our manufacturer utilizes the latest machinery to offer high-speed precision tablet presses, fully automatic encapsulation machines, stainless steel mixers and granulators.
The company now produces tablets in a variety of shapes, sizes and coatings with capacity of up to 120 million tablets per month. Capsule capacity is even greater,nnfa-gmp.giftopping 150 million capsules available from size 4 to 000 in gelatin and vegetable.

Industry Certification:
In early 2000, our manufacturer applied for GMP certification to ensure to its customers that the quality standards were of the highest caliber. 
In early 2001, the company was granted GMP certification by the National Nutrition Foods Association. The NNFA program ensures that all elements of the manufacturing process are reviewed to provide assurance that processes are controlled so that products meet label and quality claims. 
Because Vitasunn’s manufacturer met NNFA’s GMP standards, it received an “A” compliance rating and was allowed use of the NNFA GMP certification mark.

Vitasunn’s manufacturer was also the first recipient of NSF’s good manufacturing practices (GMP) certification under its Dietary Supplement Verification Program.

Vitasunn’s Commitment to Quality:
The commitment to quality is seen throughout the entire facility. A full 20 percent of the staff is dedicated to quality control (QC) throughout the production line. This is in addition to the dedicated five-person laboratory staff, headed a 40-plus year industry veteran. This specialised staff tests products at each phase of manufacturing until the products leave the facility.

Product Testing:
pills.jpgProduct testing is accomplished through several methods, each specific to the material in question. 
In-house testing capabilities include high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), FT-IR spectrometer, AA, thin layer chromatography (TLC), gas chromatography, microbial analysis, hardness, friability, moisture analysis, disintegration, dissolution and stability analysis. These methods provide identification, separation, purification and quantification. Retention samples permit back checks in case of any questions.

Experienced Personnel:
Experienced personnel are not only found in the laboratory. Almost 100 percent of the manufacturing personnel had more than four years experience before starting with Vitasunn’s manufacturer.
“Those are the most important people we have: the ones running the facility,” management says.
“You could have Albert Einstein working for you, but if the guy doing your weighing throws a bag of some random ingredient in the mix, Einstein isn’t going to figure that out. We hire the right people who are willing to pay attention, and we treat them well, to guarantee we’re producing the highest quality products possible.”

This combination of experience and commitment to service can be found throughout the company, and can be relayed to the customers by providing proven nutritional solutions.

You’ll agree,
At Vitasunn Nutritionals: “Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority!”