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Vitamins & Minerals 30 tablets by Eric Favre

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Product Description

Ultimate Daily Nutrition!

Highly recommended for people suffering from deficiencies, persistent fatigue,
or who simply wish to return to & maintain fitness, balance and vitality.

Eric Favre Laboratories has done it again!
This comprehensive multi-vitamin provides the highest quality, perfectly balanced blend of
21 major nutrients you need every day to feel and perform your very best.

Multi-vitamins are NOT all created equal, so don't settle for anything less than the very best!
Just check out the nutrients:

Vitamin B1
Vitamin B1 is an essential vitamin in the glucid metabolism.
It transforms glucids into energy. It is considered a tonic as it is necessary for the
optimal function of the nervous system and the muscular system.

Vitamin B2
Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is active in numerous oxide reduction reactions.
It intervenes in the general metabolism of glucids, lipids and proteins and more particularly
in the oxidation of the glucose responsible for the release of energy.

Vitamin B2 plays a role in the synthesis of keratin (structural protein of the skin, hair and nails).

Vitamin B3
Vitamin B3 (or PP) is essentially the co-enzyme in mane reactions of the body.
It provides energy. It intervenes in the glycolysis (degradation of glucose).
Furthermore, it intervenes in the biosynthesis of fatty acids and steroid hormones.
Like other vitamins in the B group it is important for the health of the phaneres, it
stimulates the production of keratin.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 is active at the glycenolysis level (degradation of glycogen into glucose).
It plays a role in growth. Furthermore, it is part of the synthesis of red blood cells, the production
of haemoglobin, insulin synthesis and certain sexual hormones and facilitates the synthesis of taurine.
It is also essential in the synthesis of certain neurotransmitters like adrenalin, dopamine and serotonin.
It also helps to absorb magnesium. It maintains a healthy skin and stimulates keratin synthesis.

Vitamin B8
Vitamin B8 or biotin intervenes in numerous chemical reactions in the cells for the use of glucid,
lipids and proteins. Vitamin B8 plays a coenzyme role in the lipid metabolism and the synthesis of fatty acids.
It also plays a role in the catabolism of glucids and the synthesis of amino acids, which produces energy.
Like the vitamins of the B group it has a positive effect on the skin, nails and hair.
It protects the skin, the mucous membranes, nails and slows down hair loss.
It also enhances the efficacy of vitamins B9 and B12.

Vitamin B9
Vitamin B9 is part of growth and cell multiplication.
It plays a role in the cell renewal of the body (red blood cells, white blood cells...)
It stimulates the good function of the immune system and the oxygenation of the cells.
It is linked to the good function of the nervous system, i.e. by intervening in the production of neurotransmitters.
It also helps the development of the embryo’s nervous system. It also intervenes as a coenzyme in the production
of several amino acids like methionine, and glycine.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is necessary for growth, cell renewal and production of red blood cells.
It intervenes in the glucids, lipids and proteins metabolism for the production of energy.
Vitamin B12 is necessary for the good function of the nervous system as it protects the
myelin sheath and participates in the transmission of the nervous flow.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is part of many biological reactions. It is mainly known for its general stimulating effect.
Vitamin C strengthens the immunity system. It stimulates the immunity defence mechanism against
microbial infections with an effect on the synthesis of antibodies and white blood cells.
It is also recognised for its anti-oxidising properties, it plays a role in the reactions that neutralise free radicals.
It is also part of the regeneration of vitamin E. It is also necessary for the assimilation of iron in the body.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a liposoluble vitamin (soluble in the fats). It is a group of related components, called tocopherols.
Vitamin E or tocopherol has a high anti free radicals activity. It contributes to neutralising free radicals that
can accumulate in the fatty tissue of the body, which is the source of its traditionally recognised anti-oxidising properties.
Vitamin E plays an essential role in the protection of cellular membranes, composed of oxidation sensitive lipids.

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D is lipo soluble. The most commonly used is vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol.
The vitamin is produced by the body at skin level under the effect of the sun.
Vitamin D, transformed by the liver then by the kidneys acts like a real hypercalcemiant hormone.
It increases the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphor and provokes the mineralisation of the bony tissue.
It is essential for the maintenance of normal blood concentrations of calcium and phosphor.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A plays an important role in vision, but also in bone growth, reproduction and the regulation of the immune system.
It contributes to the skin and mucous membranes health (eyes, respiratory and urinary tract, intestines) that constitute
our first line of defense against bacteria and viruses. It is essential for the differentiation and cell growth, as it is part of
the transcription of certain genes and the synthesis of certain proteins.
It also stimulates the absorption of iron and seems to play a role in the regulation of the inflammatory responses.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. 99% is localised in the bones and the teeth.
It is of major importance in keeping the bone rigid and strong.
Calcium is also present in the body in free form (not stored in the bones and teeth) and is used in numerous reactions.
Calcium has many other functions besides being part of the composition of our bones.
It intervenes in the regulation of muscle and heart contraction and blood coagulation.
It is part of the cell exchanges, the function of the nervous system and the release of certain hormones.
It acts in synergy with vitamin D. The latter is essential to the appropriate assimilation of vitamin B12 and is
part of the iron metabolism.
free calcium is lacking for any reason, the body will draw its own calcium from the bones,
which leads to bone frailty and osteoporosis 
in the long term.
It is essential to have sufficient calcium supply.

• Iron
Iron is present in the haemoglobin of the red blood cells that transport the oxygen to all cells.
It is also present in the myoglobin, a substance that helps muscles to stock oxygen.
Iron is essential to the production of triphosphate adenosine (ATP) a major source of physical energy.
It participates in various vital physiological processes like the regulation of cell growth and their differentiation.
Iron is present in the production of many proteins and enzymes and the synthesis of several neurotransmitters.
It is necessary in the group B vitamins metabolism. It stimulates the body’s defense and increases vitality.
It is important to consume vitamin C to assimilate the iron contained in food.

Zinc is an oligo element well-known for its anti-oxidising effect and effect on the skin.
It intervenes in the protection of the body as an anti-oxidant against free radicals, i.e. against cell ageing.
Zinc also has an effect on the immune system and the nervous system, it plays a major role in the synthesis of proteins and healing.
It stimulates the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells (Lymphocytes T).
Furthermore, it intervenes in the protein metabolism, the cell multiplication and the DNA synthesis.
It is necessary in structural development and growth.
It also stimulates the synthesis of sulphurous amino acids like cysteine and methionine, the main
components of keratin, constituent of skin, nails and hair. It also intervenes in the development and good function of the nervous system.

Selenium is an anti-oxidant that combines its action with vitamin E to prevent tissue damage.
It also acts in synergy with vitamin C and beta-carotene. It plays a part in normal growth and development.
It is also thought that selenium stimulates the immune system by acting on the activation of the thyroid hormones.
This is due to the fact that it is a precursor that directly intervenes in the production and good function
of anti-oxidising enzymes like glutathione peroxydasis.

Copper is part of a large number of reactions in the body.
Copper intervenes as a coenzyme in the synthesis of noradrenalin, melanin and the creation of conjunctive tissue.
Copper is necessary for the haemoglobin production and the ripening of red blood cells.
It activates the transfer of electrons in the respiratory chain and acts as co-factor of cytochromium oxidase,
the major enzyme of the oxydo-reductors processes that produce energy.
Copper acts as an anti-oxidant as it participates in the function of the super oxide dismutase (SOD), a key enzyme in the fight against free radicals.

Manganese participates in the use of glucids and lipids.
Manganese associated with an enzyme present in the fight against free radicals, the super oxide dismutase (SOD)
has an anti-oxidant effect.
It also plays a role in the reproductive system by acting on the sexual hormones, in the nervous system, in joint complaints and bone

Molybdenum is part of the xanthine oxidase, an enzyme implied in the production of uric acid and the mobilization of iron stocks in the liver.
Molybdenum deficiency has been named as implied in the origin of certain cancers of the esophagus.

We know that chromium acts as co-factor of insulin, i.e. that it promotes the connection of insulin with its receptor
and thus facilitates the assimilation of glucose sugar by the cells.
It enables the regulation of the insulin level in the blood, the increase of tissue sensitivity to the latter,
the normalisation and stabilisation of glycaemia (blood sugar level). However, chromium has no hypoglaecemic action in itself.
It is only active in presence of insulin.
Essential in the sugar metabolism, chromium activates their transformation into energy.
Chromium deficiency causes fatigue.

Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly is a product secreted by the worker bees that feeds all the larvae of the colony in the first days of their life
and the queens for their whole life. Royal jelly is a milky and gelatine-like substance composed of
essential nutrients for the body, i.e. glucids, protids, lipids, vitamins, minerals and oligo elements.
As a whole, it is a very rich nutritional concentrate that gives the royal jelly its revitalising, revigorating and rebalancing properties.
Royal jelly is traditionally recognized for its stimulating and invigorating properties, that improve physical and
intellectual abilities and increase stress resistance.
Royal Jelly is traditionally recommended to fight temporary fatigue, in cases of asthenia and exhaustion.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Container: 90

Calcium carbonate, vitamins A, B1, B2, PP, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, C, D3, E, iron pyrophosphate, zinc pidolate,
selenium enriched yeast, royal jelly, anti-caking agents: silicium, magnesium stearate, manganese sulphate,
copper sulphate, chromium picolinate, sodium molybdate 

Take 1 capsule in the morning with a glass of water.
Not suitable for 
children under 6 years of age.
Programme of 30 consecutive days, 

One tablet provides:

Vitamin A



Vitamin B1



Vitamin B2



Vitamin B3



Vitamin B5



Vitamin B6



Vitamin B8



Vitamin B9



Vitamin B12



Vitamin C



Vitamin D3



Vitamin E



























Royal jelly



Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. 
To be used in conjunction with a varied nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 
Store out of reach of young children. Store away from light and heat.

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