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All Natural Emu Oil 53.9g (2oz.) by Country Devine

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Don't Let Dry Skin Spoil Your Active Lifestyle!banner-autoship2.jpg
Ultra-Refined Emu Oil Is Nature's Perfect Moisturizer For Skin & Hair!

Say “good-bye” to dry, irritated skin for good!
Whether cycling along a windswept shore, jogging in the snow, 
or just strolling through the shops in the autumn sun; Go ahead and enjoy the outdoors!   


The more I am using Emu Oil, the less I am needing to use... 
It's so good!

Many thanks again for a wonderful product!

-S. Roberts

Just a few drops is all it takes
This 100% natural product is so highly concentrated that just a few drops is all you need to soothe, smooth and protect your hands, face, knees, elbows… Even hair!
The bottle is small enough to fit in your pocket, purse or backpack, and the pump dispenser makes it easy to measure just the right amount with no waste!

You simply will not find a better quality Emu Oil ANYWHERE at ANY PRICE!
If you've never tried Emu oil, prepare to be amazed at the results from using this incredible all-natural product!

If you currently use Emu oil, you already know about it's seemingly endless list of benefits.
You also know that other companies charge too much. -Up to £59.00 for only 53g!

Vitasunn & Country Devine break the price barrier: Only £19.95 

There are three grades of emu oil recognized by the AEA Trade Rules:  Fully Refined (Grade A, or Triple-Refined), Once Refined (Grade B) and Crude.  We offer Fully Refined (Grade A) Emu Oil. All of our emu oil is Triple-Refined and carries the AEA Certified Fully Refined Seal.  This is your assurance that our emu oil has been tested by a trusted outside source and meets the high standards set by the American Emu Association. 


ONLY USE AEA CERTIFIED EMU OIL. With AEA certification you can be confident that the product is safe and manufactured to the highest standards of the industry. IF EMU OIL IS NOT PROPERLY PROCESSED, IT CAN HAVE UNSAFE IMPURITIES.  When a company says they have ‘certified emu oil’, Be sure it is AEA Certified with this seal on the bottle:

The Certification you can trust from a National Regulatory Association! 

Product Facts:
Fully (triple) Refined Emu Oil: 53.9g

Other Ingredients:
Natural Vitamin E added for freshness, (200ppm).

Massage 3 times daily or as needed

Purchase Emu Oil Now for just 

What is an “Emu?”
Emus are large flightless birds similar to an Ostrich and native to the Outback of Australia. Aborigines used the Emu for food, clothing and shelter. They also used the oil from these birds for all types of herbal medicines.

Modern scientists have now begun studying these versatile birds due to the unique properties of their oil.

Laboratory tests have proven that Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, and that it is almost identical the natural fats & oil present in the human body. This gives Emu oil the amazing property of being able to easily penetrate the skin.

Whenever you rub any other type of oil on your skin, the body’s defenses go up to try to fight the perceived invader.
However, the unique properties and similar PH of Emu oil and the human body allows it to pass through the epidermis layer without interruption.

Is Our Emu Oil 100% Pure?
All emu oil must have a preservative!

Emu oil is an unsaturated oil that is unstable in its natural state. The FDA regulations allow companies to add a small amount of preservative during processing and still call the oil “100% Pure Emu Oil”. The accepted choices of preservative are BHT (a chemical) and natural Vitamin E.

Vitasunn has chosen to inform our clients that our manufacturer uses 200ppm, (that's ‘parts per million’) of natural Vitamin E to keep the oil fresh and safe.

You simply will not find a better quality Emu Oil ANYWHERE at ANY PRICE!

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